Dermaroller Set for Acne & Pigment Spots


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Three-piece BB Shine Dermaroller Set to soften acne, age, and pigment spots. With Vitalift Serum, Dermaroller and Sanitizer.

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You save more than 10€ compared to the single purchase!

Individual dermaroller set with top effectiveness, tailored to your needs.

– 1x 0.25mm dermaroller
– 1x 100ml Dermaroller Sanitizer
– 1x sterile Vitalift Serum
– for an even skin tone
– effective microneedling at home
– impressive results in a short time

The Dermaroller:
– 0.25mm penetration depth
– 192 real (!), precise needles
– certified & tested product
– High quality processed
– with anti-slip coating
– incl. Premium storage box
– Durable & resistant
– lasts up to 6 months

– stimulates blood circulation
– supports the regeneration of the skin
– activates collagen synthesis
– stimulates elastin synthesis
– Active ingredients are deeply infiltrated
– occupied, excellent results

The perfect solution for home users.

  • Ich hab einfach mal nichts erwartet und wurde wirklich überrascht. Ich hab den Roller wie in der Anleitung benutzt und nach dem 3.Mal konnte ich einen echt auffälligen Unterschied erkennen und wurde sogar drauf angesprochen. Meine Haut ist praller und gleichmäßiger und meine dunklen Flecken am Kinn sind fast weg! Ich benutze zusätzlich natürlich auch hochwertige Kosmetik. Daher keine billigen Produkte nach/bei der und UNBEDINGT hochwertige! Im Großen und Ganzen also zu empfehlen!
    User AvatarJulia O.1. August 2022
  • Bin super happy mit diesem Dermaroller. Es tut sehr doll weh, hat aber einen riesen Effekt. Pickelmale werden sehr schnell heller und heilen ab. Wirkstoffe können besser in die Haut gelangen und die Haut wirkt insgesamt frischer. Ich verwende den Roller momentan alle zwei bis drei Tage. Aber langfristig reicht es sicher, wenn man es einmal die Woche macht.
    User AvatarAurelia M.28. July 2022
  • Der Dermaroller ist eingeschweißt, wodurch die Hygiene des Produktes gewährleistet wird. Das ist bei der Behandlung sehr wichtig. Ich achte darauf auch jedesmal den Roller zu desinfizieren. Ich habe sehr gute Ergebnisse bei meiner problematischen Haut erreicht. Die Pigmentfelcken sind fast weg. Unreinheiten sind auch schon deutlich besser geworden
    User AvatarKristina Weil25. July 2022
  • Da ich seit vielen Jahren mit unreiner Haut und Pickelmalen und Narben zu kämpfen habe, ist der Dermaroller nicht mehr wegzudenken. Ich habe schon mehrere Dermaroller in verschiedenen Nadellängen probiert. Dieser ist der beste. Das Serum ist auch super. Ich empfehle es jedem der ähnliche Probleme hat wie ich!
    User AvatarOxana19. July 2022

– 15ml serum with kojic acid
– effective and well tolerated
– contains niacinamide
– reduces skin spots
– Makes for an even complexion
– smoothes and tightens the skin
– for excellent results in the shortest possible time
– for up to 30 applications
– cruelty free
– made in the EU
– specially manufactured for microneedling
– Perfect for Dermaroller & Dermapen
– Shelf life 12 months once opened

Incl. sterile syringe and cannula for easy dsipensing and dosing.


Kojic Acid
– Kojic acid has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and acts as a melanin inhibitor.

– also reduces the production of melanin and has an anti-inflammatory effect that can alleviate redness.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water
– has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and moisturizing effect, helps the skin to maintain a stable pH value, neutralizes redness and soothes scars.

– an effective skin brightener with pronounced antioxidant properties. It controls the build-up of senile keratosis, freckles and pigmented lesions and is an ideal active ingredient for skin lightening and slow ageing.

What are pigment spots?
Pigment spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, are caused by an overproduction of melanin or an increase in the number of melanocytes. Hyperpigmentation leads to flat, light brown to dark brown patches of various shapes and sizes on the skin.

This serum contains No PEGs, paraffines, microplastics, fragrances or dyes.

The 0.25mm Dermaroller shows excellent efficacy in the treatment of:

– smaller scars
– Acne, age & pigment spots
– Blackheads
– impure skin
– Redness & uneven skin tone



❌ untested device
❌ quickly breaks down
❌ uncontrolled injuries
❌ Fake needles
❌ non-sterile serum with fillers
❌ is shipped from Asia


✅ certified, safe device
✅ very durable
✅ excellent results
✅ 100% real needles
✅ Serum made in DE
✅ 24h shipping from DE

You can find your detailed instructions for the Microneedling Treatment here.

Microneedling has shown high effectiveness in various studies.
The skin is targeted with sterile needles to inflict minute injuries.

– 1. regeneration of skin cells is stimulated
– 2. blood circulation is increased
– 3. elastin & collagen synthesis is increased
– 4. active ingredients enter deep into the skin

Over time, the skin’s own regeneration becomes slower and slower and the synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases. That is why the skin of older people also looks completely different from that of young people. This is exactly where microneedling comes in: The targeted, safe micro-injuries to the skin awaken the body’s own repair mechanism. Collagen and elastin are synthesized again in greater quantities.

The small pinpricks act like channels through which the active ingredients of serums reach exactly where they are needed. The effect is thus increased by up to 10 times.

Unlike many other cosmetic industry promises, microneedling has real evidence of effectiveness in the form of studies. Here is a small excerpt:

D. Fernandes et al. – Combating photoaging with percutaneous collagen induction – Clin Dermatol (2008).

M.C. Aust et al. – Percutaneous collagen induction therapy: an alternative treatment for burn scars – Burns (2010).

D. Fernandes – Percutaneous collagen induction: an alternative to laser resurfacing- Aesthetic Surg J (2002).

M.M. Badran et al. – Skin penetration enhancement by a microneedle device in vitro: dependency on needle size and applied formulation – Eur J Pharm Sci (2009).

S. Zeitter et al. – Microneedling: matching the results of medical needling and repetitive treatments to maximize potential for skin regeneration – Burns – (2014).

How To: Microneedling mit Dermaroller zu Hause & im Salon

How to clean your Dermaroller
Disinfect the head of the Dermaroller with the BB Shine Sanitizer.
Spray the head of the Dermaroller generously with the Sanitizer and let it air dry.

Cleaning the face
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. At the beginning of a microneedling treatment, it is important to remove all residues such as fat, dust, dirt and make-up from the area to be treated. Put a generous amount of the BB Shine – Step 1 Cleansing Gel or a comparable cleansing gel into one hand, spread the gel between your hands and apply it evenly to the face with circular movements. Now take a compress, a clean small towel or a clean cleaning sponge. Soak it with warm water and remove the cleansing gel.

If there are still residues such as make-up or dirt particles on the skin, repeat the process.

Drizzle 2-3 drops of the active ingredient on the first area.

Important: Do not immediately spray the entire treatment area; this is counterproductive, especially for larger areas. Otherwise, the serum will be absorbed elsewhere, even though you have not yet finished needling the first area.

Now roll with the Dermaroller with light pressure over the first area as follows:
5x vertical
5x horizontal
5x diagonal

So the order is always as follows:
1. drizzle skin area with serum.
2. needle skin area.
3. drizzle the next area with serum.
4. needle the new area.

Important: Do not simply roll on to the next area of skin, but set the Dermaroller down between each zone and then reposition it.

Care application
Apply a pump of the BB Shine – Step 8 Hyaluronic Routine Cream or a comparable cream onto one hand, spread the cream between the fingers of both hands and gently press it into the skin. Make sure your skincare doesn’t contain excessive fragrance and is recommended for sensitive skin.


  1. User Avatar

    Julia O.


    I just did not expect anything and was really surprised. I used the roller as in the instructions and after the 3rd time I could see a really noticeable difference and was even addressed on it. My skin is plumper and more even and my dark spots on the chin are almost gone! I also use high quality cosmetics of course. Therefore, no cheap products after / at the and UNCONDITIONALLY high-quality! So on the whole to recommend!

  2. User Avatar

    Aurelia M.


    I am super happy with this dermaroller. It hurts very much, but has a huge effect. Pimple marks are very quickly lighter and heal. Active ingredients can get into the skin better and the skin looks fresher overall. I currently use the roller every two to three days. But in the long term it is certainly enough to do it once a week.

  3. User Avatar

    Kristina Weil


    The dermaroller is shrink-wrapped, which ensures the hygiene of the product. This is very important during the treatment. I also make sure to disinfect the roller every time. I have achieved very good results with my problematic skin. The pigmentation spots are almost gone. Blemishes are also already significantly improved

  4. User Avatar



    Since I have been struggling with blemished skin and pimple marks and scars for many years, I can’t imagine life without the Dermaroller.
    I have tried several dermarollers in different needle lengths. This one is the best. The serum is also great.
    I recommend it to anyone who has similar problems as me!

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