What are the shipping options?

We ship your products within Germany with DHL package. Upon request, we can also ship cash on delivery, so you pay your delivery directly at the door. To Austria all goods are shipped by DHL Paket International.

Does Aura Monaco also ship abroad?

Through our store we ship exclusively to Germany and Austria. Customers from other European countries can order through our international online store at

How long does it take for my products to reach me?

Orders placed Monday through Friday no later than 3 p.m. will be shipped the same day. Orders placed at later times will be shipped the following day. The average delivery time is 1 to 3 days in Germany and 3 to 7 days in Austria. Please note that there is no shipping on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and orders may be delayed accordingly.

Payment options

What payment options are offered?

You can pay in our online store via PayPal, Klarna, invoice, instant bank transfer, cash on delivery, classic bank transfer and SEPA direct debit. Orders paid by bank transfer will be shipped only after receipt of funds.

Who can I contact with questions about the ordering process?

To do so, simply access the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of our website. Our customer support will be happy to help you by phone or WhatsApp with any questions you may have about your order.

Our eyelashes

Shiny Silk or Matte Mink?

The difference between Silk and Mink Lashes is in the product properties. AURA MONACO matte mink lashes (also called mink lashes) are particularly fluffy, have a soft texture and a matte effect. They are made of PBT Fiber material. Silk Lashes are also made of PBT Fiber, but are a little more robust and are characterized by a shiny effect, which means they shine more. This is achieved by a wafer-thin silicone layer with which the eyelashes are coated in the manufacturing process. Due to their properties, Mink Lashes are particularly popular for volume techniques and are also known as “Cashmere Lashes”. Silk Lashes, on the other hand, are mainly used for single lash extensions, i.e. the 1-to-1 technique.

What are Wonder Fan Lashes?

Aura Monaco Wonder Fan Lashes are so-called self-fanning lashes, often also known as Easy Fan Lashes. These eyelashes are pre-treated with a special material at the base. This special treatment ensures that the eyelashes can be fanned out particularly easily, almost as if by magic.

What are Flat Lashes?

Our AURA Monaco Flat Lashes are elliptically shaped, creating a hollow space inside the lash. The advantage is obvious: Our Flat Lashes are therefore even lighter and significantly fluffier than classic lashes! The weight saving is about 40%, so the weight of a Flat Lash with the diameter of 0.15mm is equal to the weight of a classic lash with only 0.07mm. This means you can offer your clients even more striking and blacker looks without having to unnecessarily burden their natural lashes with extra weight. Due to the elliptical shape, there is also a significantly better contact surface, which in turn ensures a longer durability in the eyelash extension.

Premade fans

What are premade fans?

The AURA Monaco lash fans are high-quality, precisely processed lashes that are already preformed into a fan. They are therefore perfect for a time-saving volume technique, as the time-consuming and time-consuming fanning of the eyelashes is no longer necessary. Our experience shows: Volume technology New installations are easily possible in 1 – 1.5 hours. More importantly, the lash fans are processed without knots and have only one very small, but super stable adhesive point. They can therefore be easily removed from the tray and are quick to process. Thanks to the particularly wide fan effect, you achieve maximum volume with minimum effort.

What does 2D, 3D, 10D, etc. mean?

D stands for dimension, which roughly translates as direction. 2D = 2 Dimensions = 2 lashes per natural lash. Accordingly, 6 artificial eyelashes are used in the 6D volume technique and 10 eyelashes in 10D. The more lashes are used, the more volume is created. But the thickness of the lashes also plays a role, as 0.10mm lashes create a more intense effect than 0.05mm lashes, but at the same time do not appear similarly fluffy.

Do I need training for this?

While it is advisable in any case to attend a training course for the classic volume technique, e.g. Russian Volume or also finger extensions, we say quite clearly for our AURA Monaco Ready made lash fans: If you are already practiced in single lash extensions, you will very quickly get along well with the lash fans with a little practice. Of course, we expect you to work correctly and responsibly at all times.

Which is the right strength?

This question depends on the client’s own experience, the condition of her natural eyelashes and what volume is chosen. Basically, the more volume, the lower the strength. So it is understandable that we still offer our 2D and 3D volume fans with a thickness of 0.15mm, while our 6D and 10D volume fans are only available with a thickness of 0.05mm.

Eyelash glue

Which adhesive is the right one for me?

All AURA Monaco eyelash glues are exclusively suitable for use by professional & trained eyelash stylists*! When it comes to the question of which glue you should use, several factors are important. Your experience also plays a role, as the stronger glues from AURA MONACO tend to dry faster and therefore need to be applied quite quickly. For more answers, please go to the eyelash glue category, as detailed information can be found here.

Can allergies occur?

Allergies can always occur when using eyelash glue. Since all AURA Monaco eyelash glues are based on the active ingredient cyanoacrylate, even changing an glue will not cause the allergy to subside. We strongly recommend: If an allergy occurs, remove the artificial eyelashes immediately and follow the procedures described in the instructions.


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