NEXT GEN 3D premade fans 800 Fans Maxi Box


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Our new NEXT 3D premade fans in the 800 Fans MEGA box with over 27% savings. Even wider fans, even smaller glue dots: These are the best AURA Monaco fans ever.


The best premade fans we’ve ever had. In the MAXI BOX.

– A total of 800 premade fans
– = 2400 lashes per box
– available in 0,07mm – 0,10 and 0,15mm thickness
– 8 – 14mm Mix Box with 20 rows
– best price-performance ratio
– you save more than 27% compared to the classic box
– 100% vegan lashes
– same amount of fans as 3.3 normal boxes

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Classic premade fans:
Beautiful premade fans, as you know them from us. Easy to apply, small base, great volume.

NEXT GEN premade fans:
Our new, improved generation of premade fans.
The biggest difference: a EVEN smaller base and EVEN wider lashes.

What does that mean for you?
– More stunning results, because the glue dots are almost invisible on the eye, so the focus is even more on the voluminous lashes.
– Even more volume and more expressive looks, because the fans are even wider, additional volume is created.
– Due to the maxi boxes you save money, you pay way less per premade fans.

Flexi Speed premade fans
The Flexi Speed premade fans do not differ in quality and appearance from the NEXT GEN premade fans. So you benefit from the same advantages.
However, they are on loose strips and not as traditionally on glue strips fixed in a box. You can attach these glue strips to a base, e.g. our Flexi Speed lash base. This is very convenient because it has an sticky surface and thus the strips do not need to be additionally fixed.

Due to the fact that Flexi Speed premade fans are easier to make, these are our most affordable premade fans.


– 8mm – 2 rows á 40 Fans = 80 Fans
– 9mm – 2 rows á 40 Fans = 80 Fans

– 10mm – 3 rows á 40 Fans = 120 Fans
– 11mm – 4 rows á 40 Fans = 160 Fans
– 12mm – 4 rows á 40 Fans = 160 Fans

– 13mm – 3 rows á 40 Fans = 120 Fans
– 14mm – 2 rows a 40 Fans = 80 Fans

– same amount of fans as 3.3 normal boxes for 62.60€.

Premade fans are already pre-fanned and have, for example, 5 lashes per Fan. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to offer your clients the volume technique even if you have not yet taken a volume training course.

2D – 2 lashes per fan
3D – 3 lashes per fan
5D – 5 lashes per fan


B-Curl – weak, natural curl
C-Curl – normal, slightly stronger curl
CC-Curl – stronger than C, weaker than D

D-Curl – strong, glamorous curl
DD-Curl – stronger than D, weaker than U

U-Curl – extreme curl
M-Curl – very steep curl

LC-Curl – for eyeglass wearers and drooping eyelids
LD-Curl – for eyeglass wearers and drooping eyelids

Yes, our premade fans are vegan and cruelty free.


Weight 0,2 kg

0,07mm, 0,10mm, 0,15mm


C-Curl, D-Curl

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