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Beam Light Matte Mink Cashmere Lashes are always the right choice. Deep black and perfect to fan. Their matte look is stunning and natural at the same time.

– Total 8,000 lashes per box
– for volume & mega volume
– works with all fanning techniques
– extemely matte look, no gloss at all
– 8 – 14mm mix box or single lengths
– 1A durability due to rough surface
– made from premium PBT fibers
– deep black color for beautiful looks
– 30% price advantage: 16 instead of 12 rows

Single length box
– 16 rows with approx. 500 lashes each

Mix Box
– 8mm – 1 row á 500 lashes
– 9mm – 1 row á 500 lashes

– 10mm – 3 rows á 500 lashes
– 11mm – 3 rows á 500 lashes
– 12mm – 3 rows á 500 lashes

– 13mm – 2 rows á 500 lashes
– 14mm – 2 rows á 500 lashes
– 15mm – 1 row á 500 lashes

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Mink – vegan matte lashes
Mink Lashes are also called mink lashes, come without silicones and have a rougher surface.

Silk – vegan shiny lashes
Silk Lashes are also called silk lashes because of their shiny surface.

– for the 10D to 25D volume technique
– extremely fine lashes

– for the 6D to 9D volume technique
– very fine lashes

– for the 3D to 5D volume technique
– fine lashes

You need to master the volume technique and create the Fans yourself by hand.
You haven’t mastered the volume technique yet? Then try our Wonder Fan Lashes out.

0,10mm – 2D – 3D volume technique
0.15mm – 2D volume technique or 1:1
0.18mm – 2D volume technique or 1:1

0.20mm – 1:1 technique
0.25mm – 1:1 technique

0.15mm to 0.25mm
– thicker, more striking lashes
– Perfect for the 1:1 technique

1:1 technique means: You glue one artificial lash per natural lash.

B-Curl – weak, natural curl
C-Curl – normal, slightly stronger curl
CC-Curl – stronger than C, weaker than D

D-Curl – strong glamorous curl
DD-Curl – stronger than D, weaker than U

U-Curl – extreme curl
M-Curl – Very steep curl

LC-Curl – for spectacle wearers and drooping eyelids
LD-Curl – for spectacle wearers and drooping eyelids



0,03mm, 0,05mm, 0,07mm, 0,15mm


C-Curl, D-Curl


8 – 15mm Mix Tray

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