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Original reusable BB Shine dermaroller with a needle length of 0.25mm and 192 real needles. For small scars, acne and pigment spots, wrinkles, large pores, blackheads, blemished skin, redness and for uneven skin tone.

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– effective microneedling at home
– 0.25mm penetration depth
– 192 real (!), precise needles
– certified & tested product
– High quality processed
– with anti-slip coating
– incl. Premium storage box
– Durable & resistant
– lasts up to 6 months

– stimulates blood circulation
– supports the regeneration of the skin
– activates collagen synthesis
– stimulates elastin synthesis
– Active ingredients are deeply infiltrated
– occupied, excellent results

The perfect solution for home users.

  • Ich hatte bräunliche Narben von alten Pickel im Gesicht. Nach der ersten Anwendung hab ich dann bemerkt dass die rosa wurden. Ich bin echt gespannt ob sie für immer verschwinden werden
    Finja E.10. November 2022
  • This is a good product with strong needles and lower price comparatively. I would suggest everyone to buy it.
    Edita Skin & Lashes10. November 2022
  • Nachdem ich mit Schrecken festgestellt hatte, dass mein alter Roller aus Metallplatten zusammengeschraubt war, musste schnell Ersatz her. Nach (sehr) langer Recherche und ausgiebigem Preisvergleich habe ich mich für dieses Exemplar hier entschieden. Das Gerät ist unglaublich hochwertig verarbeitet und sieht wirklich haargenau so aus wie das mehr als doppelt so teuere Markenprodukt. Es funktioniert einwandfrei und der Unterschied in der Verwendung zu dem Metallteil ist verblüffend – es ist viel angenehmer, weil er problemlos abrollt und tatsächlich nur piekst, statt die Haut zu ziehen
    Carlotta P.10. April 2022
  • Nach mehrwöchigem Gebrauch habe ich gemerkt, dass es der Haut gut tut. Anfangs brennt es ein wenig, aber bei richtiger Anwendung lassen die Ergebnisse nicht lange auf sich warten. Die feinen Nadeln machen ihren Job gut. Die Haut wird geschmeidiger und regeneriert sich schnell. Bin zufrieden damit und würde es weiter empfehlen.
    Gloria Schönheitssalon11. February 2022
  • Der Dermaroller ist top und kommt in einer sterilen Verpackung. Nach mehrmaligem Benutzen ist der Zustand immernoch wie am Anfang.
    Doris Lengerich19. May 2021

The 0.25mm Dermaroller shows excellent efficacy in the treatment of:

– smaller scars
– Acne, age & pigment spots
– Blackheads
– impure skin
– Redness & uneven skin tone



❌ untested device
❌ quickly breaks down
❌ uncontrolled injuries
❌ Fake needles
❌ non-sterile serum with fillers
❌ is shipped from Asia


✅ certified, safe device
✅ very durable
✅ excellent results
✅ 100% real needles
✅ Serum made in DE
✅ 24h shipping from DE

You can find your detailed instructions for the Microneedling Treatment here.

Microneedling has shown high effectiveness in various studies.
The skin is targeted with sterile needles to inflict minute injuries.

– 1. regeneration of skin cells is stimulated
– 2. blood circulation is increased
– 3. elastin & collagen synthesis is increased
– 4. active ingredients enter deep into the skin

Over time, the skin’s own regeneration becomes slower and slower and the synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases. That is why the skin of older people also looks completely different from that of young people. This is exactly where microneedling comes in: The targeted, safe micro-injuries to the skin awaken the body’s own repair mechanism. Collagen and elastin are synthesized again in greater quantities.

The small pinpricks act like channels through which the active ingredients of serums reach exactly where they are needed. The effect is thus increased by up to 10 times.

Unlike many other cosmetic industry promises, microneedling has real evidence of effectiveness in the form of studies. Here is a small excerpt:

D. Fernandes et al. – Combating photoaging with percutaneous collagen induction – Clin Dermatol (2008).

M.C. Aust et al. – Percutaneous collagen induction therapy: an alternative treatment for burn scars – Burns (2010).

D. Fernandes – Percutaneous collagen induction: an alternative to laser resurfacing- Aesthetic Surg J (2002).

M.M. Badran et al. – Skin penetration enhancement by a microneedle device in vitro: dependency on needle size and applied formulation – Eur J Pharm Sci (2009).

S. Zeitter et al. – Microneedling: matching the results of medical needling and repetitive treatments to maximize potential for skin regeneration – Burns – (2014).

How To: Microneedling mit Dermaroller zu Hause & im Salon

How to clean your Dermaroller
Disinfect the head of the Dermaroller with the BB Shine Sanitizer.
Spray the head of the Dermaroller generously with the Sanitizer and let it air dry.

Cleaning the face
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. At the beginning of a microneedling treatment, it is important to remove all residues such as fat, dust, dirt and make-up from the area to be treated. Put a generous amount of the BB Shine – Step 1 Cleansing Gel or a comparable cleansing gel into one hand, spread the gel between your hands and apply it evenly to the face with circular movements. Now take a compress, a clean small towel or a clean cleaning sponge. Soak it with warm water and remove the cleansing gel.

If there are still residues such as make-up or dirt particles on the skin, repeat the process.

Drizzle 2-3 drops of the active ingredient on the first area.

Important: Do not immediately spray the entire treatment area; this is counterproductive, especially for larger areas. Otherwise, the serum will be absorbed elsewhere, even though you have not yet finished needling the first area.

Now roll with the Dermaroller with light pressure over the first area as follows:
5x vertical
5x horizontal
5x diagonal

So the order is always as follows:
1. drizzle skin area with serum.
2. needle skin area.
3. drizzle the next area with serum.
4. needle the new area.

Important: Do not simply roll on to the next area of skin, but set the Dermaroller down between each zone and then reposition it.

Care application
Apply a pump of the BB Shine – Step 8 Hyaluronic Routine Cream or a comparable cream onto one hand, spread the cream between the fingers of both hands and gently press it into the skin. Make sure your skincare doesn’t contain excessive fragrance and is recommended for sensitive skin.


  1. English

    Anouk Beauty


    Qualitatively, the roller really looks very good, as well as the case is very nice and looks valuable. Only the needles were too short for me. Quality but 1A!

  2. English

    Susanne Leicht


    I have already after the 1st application a great result. The skin was initially very irritated and red and burned but that soon settled. That was also only in the 1st application that much. As care I used the BB Shine Hyaluron Serum and the Hyaluronic Routine Créme afterwards. A slightly deeper wrinkle on the forehead was directly flatter and after the 2nd application even softer. The skin is also more radiant so that I feel good even without makeup. Because I am very pale by nature I always looked tired but since the needling the complexion is radiant. The skin is also softer than usual.

  3. English

    Facetune Beautystudio


    Came by lightning shipping and was already excited when unpacking. Everything looks very high quality and well made. Lies nicely in the hand and is easy to use. Best to use in the evening, because you get quite reddened skin and in the sun I would then rather not go without appropriate sunscreen. Otherwise, the skin is always nice and fresh and soft the next day.

  4. English



    The Derma Roller was delivered in a very high quality packaging.
    The handling is super easy and I am curious about the result after a few weeks.

  5. English

    Celine Nails


    The product is made of high quality. The application is easy and precise. Have ordered again but with different needle length.

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