Clean your dermaroller or select needle cartridge
Dermaroller: Desinfect the head of the Dermarollers with the BB Shine Sanitizer.
Spray the head of the Dermaroller generously with the Sanitizer and let it air dry.

Dermapen: Select the appropriate needle cartridge for your planned treatment. You can find out which needle cartridge is the right one in our Needle cartridge overview.

Clean treatment area
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. At the beginning of a Microneedling treatment, it is important to remove all residues such as fat, dust or deposits from the area to be treated. Put a generous amount of the BB Shine – Step 1 Cleansing Gel or a comparable cleansing gel into one hand, spread the gel between your hands and apply it evenly with circular movements. Now take a compress, a clean small towel or a clean cleaning sponge. Soak it with warm water and remove the cleansing gel.

If there is still residue on the lot, repeat this process.

Drip 2-3 drops of the active ingredient onto the area to be treated.

Important for large areas: If the area is larger than 5x5cm, do not immediately treat the entire area, as this would be counterproductive. Otherwise, the serum will be absorbed elsewhere, even though you have not yet finished needling the first area.

Now go with the Dermapen in the appropriate speed level and penetration depth over the first lot. While doing this, make small, circular and brisk movements. Do not apply any additional pressure. Go over the same spot a total of 5x.

So the order is always as follows:
1. drizzle skin area with serum.
2. needle skin area.
3. drizzle the next area with serum.
4. needle the new area.

Important: Do not simply continue needling to the next area of skin, but set the Dermapen down between each zone and then reposition it.

Care application
Apply a dollop of the BB Shine – Step 8 Hyaluronic Routine Cream or a comparable cream onto one hand, spread the cream between the fingers of both hands and gently press it into the skin in the treatment area. Make sure your skincare doesn’t contain excessive fragrance and is recommended for sensitive skin.

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