You can use your serum morning and evening even without microneedling. For this, you must clean your skin first.

1. dispense a generous amount of the BB Shine Step 1 Cleansing Gel in one hand, spread the gel between your hands and spread it evenly over your face, neck and, if necessary, décolleté with massaging movements. Take it off afterwards, e.g. with a warm compress or a face sponge and water.

Now that you have removed all residues from the skin including. all make-up, the next step is the BB Shine Step 3 Skin Primer.

Soak two cotton pads generously with Skin Primer and smooth over the face, neck and décolleté in parallel motions. Spare the mouth and eye area. The Skin Primer does not need to be removed and dries on the skin.

Skin Primer is a special toner designed to effectively cleanse the skin. Negative environmental influences thus have no chance to worsen the skin’s appearance. Thoroughly and yet extremely gently, the skin is freed from excess sebum, skin oil and dirt residues. It inhibits sebum production (antisebbhorotic) and prevents the growth of microorganisms on the skin.

Place the cannula on the supplied syringe and remove the cap. Hold the ampoule of your serum so that the opening points downwards, pierce the membrane from below and now draw up 0.5 to 1ml of the serum. Then carefully drizzle some of the serum on a smaller part of the area to be treated. Be careful not to injure yourself with the cannula. Apply only slight pressure so that not too much serum comes out at once.

Now drizzle the skin with the serum and pat it in with two fingers. You should then apply a finishing treatment to “lock” the serum into the skin. Use our BB Shine Step 8 Hyaluronic Routine Cream.

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