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16 rows of super soft glossy Ellipse Flat Lashes which are hollow from the inside for up to 40% less weight on the natural lash – for eyeglass wearers and droopy eyelids.

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Proven AURA Monaco premium quality. Loved by thousands of stylists.

– a total of 3800 lashes per box!
– great LC & LD curl
– For spectacle wearers, mono and drooping eyelids
– hollow lashes for 40% less weight
– special elliptical shape
– Perfect for weak natural lashes
– 8 – 14mm mix box or single lengths
– 1A durability due to rough surface
– made of the highest quality PBT
– with silicone layer for extra gloss
– best price-performance ratio
– 100% vegan cruelty free lashes
– deep black color for maximum volume

– Our lash boxes have a whole 16 rows and therefore a price advantage of 33%! Other companies often have only 12 rows.
– We set a new standard in the field of professional lashes. For stunning volume looks and healthy natural lashes at the same time.


– 16 rows with approx. 237 lashes each

– 8mm – 1 row á 237 lashes
– 9mm – 1 row á 237 lashes

– 10mm – 3 rows á 237 lashes
– 11mm – 3 rows á 237 lashes
– 12mm – 3 rows á 237 lashes

– 13mm – 2 rows á 237 lashes
– 14mm – 2 rows á 237 lashes
– 15mm – 1 row á 237 lashes

– Our boxes contain 16 instead of 12 rows = 33% price advantage
– Over 2000 5-Star Reviews can not be wrong

  • Sehr schöne Wimpern mit denen man gut arbeiten kann.
    D. B.3. May 2021

Flat Lashes: Lashes that are hollow on the inside. They are much lighter than classic lashes, but just as striking.

Glossy – shiny
Matte – non-glossy

Flat lashes with split tip have a slightly split tip at the end with two ends, creating an inconspicuous volume effect.

– for the 10D to 25D volume technique
– extremely fine lashes

– for the 6D to 9D volume technique
– very fine lashes

– for the 3D to 5D volume technique
– fine lashes

You need to master the volume technique and create the fans yourself by hand.
You haven’t mastered the volume technique yet? Then try our
Wonder Fan Lashes

– 2D – 3D volume technique

– 2D volume technique or 1:1

– 2D volume technique or 1:1

– 1:1 technique

– 1:1 technique

0.15mm to 0.25mm
– thicker, more striking lashes
– Perfect for the 1:1 technique

1:1 technique means: You glue one artificial lash per natural lash.

B-Curl – weak, natural curl
C-Curl – normal, slightly stronger curl
CC-Curl – stronger than C, weaker than D

D-Curl – strong glamorous curl
DD-Curl – stronger than D, weaker than U

U-Curl – extreme curl
M-Curl – Very steep curl

LC-Curl – for spectacle wearers and drooping eyelids
LD-Curl – for spectacle wearers and drooping eyelids


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    D. B.

    Sehr schöne Wimpern mit denen man gut arbeiten kann.

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