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Three-piece exclusive BB Shine Beard Roller Set to stimulate beard and hair growth. With highly concentrated Hair & Beard Serum, Dermaroller and Sanitizer.

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Individual Beardroller Set with top effectiveness, tailored to your needs.

– 1x 0,5mm Beard Roller
– 1x 100ml Dermaroller Sanitizer
– 1x sterile Hydralift serum
– stimulates the growth of beard
– effective beard needling at home
– impressive results in a short time

The Beard Roller:
– 0,5mm penetration depth
– 192 real (!), precise needles
– certified & tested product
– High quality processed
– with anti-slip coating
– incl. Premium storage box
– Durable & resistant
– lasts up to 6 months

– stimulates blood circulation
– supports the regeneration of the skin
– activates collagen synthesis
– stimulates elastin synthesis
– Active ingredients are deeply infiltrated
– occupied, excellent results

The perfect solution for home users.

  • Dieser Bartroller ist der einzig echte Dermaroller für mehr Bartwuchs. Durch die echten Nadeln verursacht der tatsächlich mehr und schnelleren Bartwuchs. Ich hatte früher komischen Bartwuchs und zudem noch ziemlich viele Narben im Bartbereich. Nach 3 Monaten rollen bin ich echt begeistert .Ich trage einen schönen 3-Tage Bart und dieser bedeckt auch noch meine Narben. Echt super!
    Damian L.22. November 2022
  • Produkt war schnell da Benutze ihn, um meine etwas mehr Bartvolumen zu bekommen nach ein paar Tagen kamen schon an einer kahlen Stelle kleine stopeln, alles in allem super Teil. Ich denke das das Serum sehr gute Qualität ist.
    Ercan16. September 2022
  • Qualitativ sehr hochwertiges Produkt mit echten Edelstahl Nadeln. Man bemerkt eindeutig den Unterschied zu billigen Produkten. Kein Quietschen beim Rollen und eine hochwertige Aufbewahrungsbox und das Serum sieht aus wie beim Beauty Doc. Erste Ergebnisse sehen ich und meine Freundin auch schon Man(n) bemerkt einen Unterschied zu dem billigeren Roller den ich vorher hatte. Nadeln sind spürbar auf der Haut, aber nicht unangenehm. Man darf natürlich nicht zu stark aufdrücken. Sehr netter Kundensupport.
    Daniel Beinling24. June 2022

– 5ml sterile serum with 3.5% Sodium Hyaluronate
– Contains perfectly coordinated active ingredients against hair loss
– stimulates hair & beard growth
– very high concentrated and effective
– for excellent results in the shortest possible time
– for up to 10 applications
– cruelty free & vegan
– made in the EU
– specially manufactured for microneedling
– Perfect for Dermaroller & Dermapen

Incl. sterile syringe and cannula for easy dsipensing and dosing.

Peptidessupport the sythesis of new hair cells and prolong the growth phase of hair, can bring hair back to life on bald spots.
Amino acids – help with hair loss and with the synthesis of collagen and keratin, provide hair with nutrients.
Vitaminsprovide strong, shiny hair, protect against an inflamed scalp and strengthen metabolism and hair growth.
Taurine – supports keratin synthesis and microcirculation in the hair root.

This serum contains No PEGs, paraffines, microplastics, fragrances or dyes.

The 0.5mm Beard Roller shows excellent efficacy in the treatment of:

– Hair growth
– Beard growth

– Stronger wrinkles
– Acne scars
– noticeable acne, age, & pigment spots

You can find your detailed instructions for the Microneedling Treatment here.

Microneedling has shown high effectiveness in various studies.
The skin is targeted with sterile needles to inflict minute injuries.

– 1. regeneration of skin cells is stimulated
– 2. blood circulation is increased
– 3. elastin & collagen synthesis is increased
– 4. active ingredients enter deep into the skin

Over time, the skin’s own regeneration becomes slower and slower and the synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases. Hair falls out, or does not form sufficiently in the first place. This is exactly where microneedling comes in: The targeted, safe micro-injuries to the skin awaken the body’s own repair mechanism. Collagen and elastin are synthesized again in greater quantities. The beard & hair growth is activated.

The small pinpricks act like channels through which the active ingredients of serums reach exactly where they are needed. The effect is thus increased by up to 10 times.

Unlike many other cosmetic industry promises, microneedling has real evidence of effectiveness in the form of studies. Here is a small excerpt:

D. Fernandes et al. – Combating photoaging with percutaneous collagen induction – Clin Dermatol (2008).

M.C. Aust et al. – Percutaneous collagen induction therapy: an alternative treatment for burn scars – Burns (2010).

D. Fernandes – Percutaneous collagen induction: an alternative to laser resurfacing- Aesthetic Surg J (2002).

M.M. Badran et al. – Skin penetration enhancement by a microneedle device in vitro: dependency on needle size and applied formulation – Eur J Pharm Sci (2009).

S. Zeitter et al. – Microneedling: matching the results of medical needling and repetitive treatments to maximize potential for skin regeneration – Burns – (2014).


  1. English

    Damian L.


    This beard roller is the only real dermaroller for more beard growth. Through the real needles actually causes more and faster beard growth. I used to have weird beard growth and also quite a lot of scars in the beard area. After 3 months of rolling, I’m really excited. I wear a beautiful 3-day beard and this also covers my scars. Really great!

  2. English



    Product was there quickly
    Use it to get my slightly more beard volume after a few days came already on a bald spot small stubbles, all in all super part. I think the serum is very good quality.

  3. English

    Daniel Beinling


    Very high quality product with real stainless steel needles. You clearly notice the difference from cheap products. No squeaking when rolling and a high-quality storage box and the serum looks like from the Beauty Doc. First results I see and my girlfriend also already we noticed a difference from the cheaper roller I had before. Needles are noticeable on the skin, but not unpleasant. Of course, you must not press too hard. Very nice customer support.

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