Yes. Being a Premium Partner is 100% free of charge and without any obligations.

Each point has a value of 1€. So, for example, if you have a loyalty points balance of 20 points, it means that when you redeem the points you will save 20€.

Add your desired products to the shopping cart as usual and then proceed to checkout. In the step where you have to enter your address, you will be given the opportunity to redeem your points at the top. You can use only a certain number of points, or you can click on “Select all points”. Then click on “Redeem” and wait until the page reloads. Now your discount has been deducted.

Again, 1 point = 1€.

Every time someone purchases from us using your coupon code, you will receive a commission of 10% of the purchase value (shipping costs not included). So if someone buys products from us for e.g. 150€, you will receive 15 points and thus a credit of 15€, which you can redeem at your next purchase.

You yourself can’t use your own coupon code.

When you create your code, you must then press Save and wait until the page reloads and you see a confirmation.

If your followers or students can’t redeem your code, please check that the correct “referral code” field is used for it. A referral code cannot be entered in the regular coupon code field.

Also note that you can’t use your own code yourself. This is only followers and students for whose orders you will subsequently receive commissions.

If someone subsequently cancels their order or returns products, the corresponding points will be deducted again. Example: Someone buys products for 150€ with your code and you get a commission of 15 points.

However, after that the buyer sends back products for 20€. For the returned products 2 points will be deducted again. But don’t worry: our return rate is very low.

As a Premium Partner, you are automatically authorized to conduct training on our behalf. We recommend that you use our official AURA Monaco training materials for this purpose. However, this is not mandatory. You can buy the appropriate certificates in the store from us and hand them out to your customers.

Don’t forget to share your coupon code with your students so that you can benefit from their future purchases in the form of commissions (e.g. when they order a starter set).

Open the matching menu and download the matching logo. All logos have transparent backgrounds. Sometimes this is not shown directly and the background appears black or similar. – Do not let this confuse you.

After downloading, follow our instructions and you can use the logo in your Instagram Stories or posts and also in Reels.

You can also embed our logos into your website. To do this, contact the person responsible for creating your website.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You would have to decide: Either you redeem your points, or your coupon code. But don’t worry: If it’s more attractive for you at a moment to redeem a current coupon code (e.g. during a promotion), you can simply keep the points for the next time and redeem them then.

Of course, you will still earn loyalty points for orders where you redeem coupon codes.

Example: A promotional code gives you a 20% discount. You save 20% on the order and another 10% through the points you collect and can redeem next time.

Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to redeem your loyalty points: they expire only 1 year after they are credited to your account.

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